Katie Bozek Named KAAN Executive Director

The Korean American Adoptee Adoptive Family Network (KAAN) Advisory Council is pleased to announce the appointment of Katie Bozek as the organization’s new executive director. KAAN is a national, all-volunteer organization dedicated to connecting Korean adoptees, adoptive parents, and others connected to transracial adoption. Bozek is the third executive director, following Chris Winston, who founded … More Katie Bozek Named KAAN Executive Director

#KAAN2018…Liz Raleigh

Liz Raleigh, author of Selling Transracial Adoption: Families, Markets, and the Color Line (www.temple.edu/ tempress/titles/2449_reg.html), hopes that her presentation at #KAAN2018 about the latest research on transracial/transnational adoption will help the audience better understand the implications and applications of the research. Understanding the industry of adoption can help us better care for our community. A … More #KAAN2018…Liz Raleigh

Executive Director Position Announcement

About Us KAAN established itself in 1998 as the only national, non-profit organization in the United States to support the Korean adoption community. We are under fiscal sponsorship by The Foundation for Enhancing Communities (TFEC). KAAN is an all-volunteer organization. Currently, we have eight Advisory Council members who represent the diversity in the adoption community—adult … More Executive Director Position Announcement

Transition Update from Advisory Council

On March 15, Stacy Schroeder, who served as KAAN’s Executive Director for the past eight years, announced that she will step down from her position in fall 2018.  Under Stacy’s leadership, KAAN experienced successful annual conferences with additional programming, the development of a larger staff and Advisory Council, an expanded social media presence, and movement … More Transition Update from Advisory Council

In Memory of Ellie Conant, KAAN Contributor and Friend

We are deeply saddened to announce the death of longtime KAAN friend and contributor Ellie Conant on January 1, 2016. Ellie played an important role in a number of conferences over the last seven years, bringing her own brand of style and heart. She came first as a nanny for a family attending the conference … More In Memory of Ellie Conant, KAAN Contributor and Friend