Video Participation Opportunity … Deadline 10/15

Patrick Amunson attended his first KAAN conference this summer and found it to be life-changing. Amunson, a videographer, decided to give back by collecting stories of others equally impacted. Thanks to his generous offer, we are excited to provide this opportunity to share your unique stories and experiences at KAAN. This video is especially timely … More Video Participation Opportunity … Deadline 10/15

KAAN 2015: Intersections of Race, Identity, and Adoption

As the media buzz kicked off by #RachelDolezal swells around “new” conversations of race, identity, and misappropriation, a national adoptive community organization prepares for its seventeenth annual conference on these same topics. Leaders from across the country will converge in St. Louis, MO from June 26-28, 2015 at an event hosted by KAAN (the Korean … More KAAN 2015: Intersections of Race, Identity, and Adoption